Licking and sucking boys…

Kellan and Ricard get along very well, but especially when they are doing what they love to do best! College students like these cannot get enough fucking, and this scene certainly proves that! Kellan first goes down on Ricard, licking and sucking on Ricard and his uncut cock. Kellan has a thing for Latin guys, and luckily Ricard has just the right combination of good looks and sex drive. Ricard returns the favor, hungrily slurping away at Kellans big cock, greedily jerking him with his hand as he works on the head with his mouth. It is almost as if Ricard wanted to make Kellan blow just from sucking on his dick. However, Ricard is too ready to have it up his ass…
Licking and sucking boys

Kellan moves Ricard soon to the doggie position and enters him from behind. Ricard greedily takes his dick, and he quickly gets used to its girth. Ricard wants more – and deeper – so he sits Kellan down and hops on his cock. Ricard is one of the best cock-riders we have seen around here in a while. He moves up and down sensually, and Kellan enjoys it so much that his eyes begin to roll. Kissing and fucking, these guys end up in missionary on the couch for the grand finale. Kellan begins to pump harder and then softer, and Ricard grabs his cock and begins jerking away. Ricard cums with Kellan deep inside, and Kellan then pulls out and dumps a load all over Ricard. Great fuck!
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Licking and sucking boys

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