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Leo Serra shows us what an extraordinary top he is in this steaming fuck with Eric Huston! Leo, although only 19, has a well developed body and an ability to command authority. Eric does not mind this at all – as a matter of fact, Eric is super turned-on by Leo and his machismo. Leo has Eric slob on his knob for a while, and Eric gives Leo the full treatment! Eric repeatedly goes balls deep, making sure that Leo feels the back of his throat. Leo stands on the bed and as Eric sucks him off, Eric looks up into his eyes just begging to get fucked good…
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Leo cannot wait either, and soon Eric is riding Leo, getting his ass nice and loose for the pounding. Leo soon takes charge, however, and Eric is fucked every which way on the bed. Leo is not shy, and loves grabbing Eric by the neck, choking him out, pounding him deep, and in general just having a great time. It must have been good because Leo gushes a huge load all over Erics face. We all want to see more for sure of this Latin stallion!
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Impressive boys cock

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