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Kellan Lane and Riler Davis get crazy in this awesome fuck scene. Both of these guys are athletic and love to be wild – Kellan and Riler give us a great show! After making out and getting out of their clothes, Kellan goes down first on Riler. With Rilers dick throbbing,Kellan wraps his lips around Rilers cock and sucks gently as he squeezes his lips tight and gives his dick a tug at the same time. After a nice long blowjob, Riler returns the favor. Riler and Kellan are rock hard enjoying each others great oral skills…
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Riler wants to get fucked, though, and Kellan is more than happy to stick it to him. Kellan lifts up Rilers leg and slowly eases in his big cock-head. Before long, Riler is getting pounded good! Kellan fucks with steady deep strokes – Riler digs it, his dick rock hard. Before long, the guys get acrobatic. Kellan lays backward on the couch and Riler hops on for a good ride. Kellan loves the feeling of being impaled with a stiff dick, and he keeps going up and then down, balls deep. All of this excitement leads to awesome cumshots to end this great fuck!
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long gays blowjob

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