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Toby Jones is a 21 year old senior. He has a sexy, devious smile, and he wants you to know why. Toby loves sex, and loves having fun. We are fortunate that he is able to give us a show of himself jerking off his impressive cock! Toby strips down and begins after chatting a little bit. Being a Northeasterner, he is all about getting down to business! Toby works up his cock, playing with his balls and carressing his chest, all the while getting his cock harder and harder. Toby loves the sensation of his hard dick being touched. He continues to jerk off like this for quite a while before rolling over to show us his other prized asset…
Impressive boys cock

Toby has a great butt, the kind you just want to lay into. Toby makes sure that everyone watching is hot and bothered watching him squirm around on the bed, ass in the air and cock shoved between his legs. He gets pretty excited doing this, and when he rolls over he is about ready for a major orgasm. Toby strokes it harder as he gets closer, and he finally erupts into a big load of cum – it even goes over his shoulder! Hot stuff!
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Impressive boys cock

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