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Danny and Hunter are in their dorm room relaxing, but things get frisky pretty quickly. Danny is the studious type, but Hunter knows just the trick to get him to turn his attention on other pursuits. Hunter is interested himself in Dannys big uncut cock! Danny and Hunter trade hot blowjobs with each other on the bunk bed. Each of these hot college dudes loves sucking cock, and both prove how good they are at it. Soon, though, Hunter is itching for some big thick dick in his hole…
Big dick and twinks hole

Danny bends Hunter over and slides in his big cock, and Hunter is extremely happy to feel it as it goes in. Danny and Hunter fuck like rabbits, even doing some fancy riding on the bottom bunk. Once on the floor, with Hunter on his back and his legs in the air, Danny fucks the cum out Hunter, and then Danny pops a big nut himself. Great Fuck!
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Big dick and twinks hole

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