Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bangin’ the boy

Hunky jock and new recruit Ty Roderick takes boyish heartthrob Ryker Madison on a “Tour of Duty” full of lust and passion. This Bi military man has a mission to dominate all the Helix twinks and Ryker is the first booty on duty…
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New neighbor

Collin Payne is in for a big surprise when Ohio boy Evan Parker moves in next door. The Midwestern cutie doesn’t waste any time charming his way into Collin’s apartment for a drink and some sexy small talk…
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Working up a sweat

It is obvious that our twinks are in amazing shape and they work hard to stay that way. We happened to catch Andy Taylor and Corey Haynes just finishing up a run on this beautiful day. Andy suggests heading back to his place to cool down and clean up…
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Real cam: Evan Parker & Andy Taylor

Evan Parker and Andy Taylor capture their private and intimate bedroom moments with multiple GoPro cameras…
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Austin – ass play

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Pass the soap

Studio hunk Ty Roderick and athletic hottie Damon Archer begged to do a scene together and soon as the boys were in the same room they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!..
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Fresh casting: shane hicks and Adrian Rivers

At Helix Studios we are always on the hunt for new, fresh young faces and with Shane Hicks and Adrian Rivers we’re bringing you just that. Shane will charm you with his boyish good looks and cute West Virginia drawl while Adrian will seduce you with his sultry Dominican accent and exotic looks…
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Bobby & Rudy

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Breaking in the twink

Shane Hicks introduced himself by taking fellow new-boy Adrian Rivers’ fresh meat in their “Fresh Casting” interview but bottoming for studio pro Jacob Dixon is what the fans really want to see!..
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