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Old canadian man takes a head or office blowjob.

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Black Danny Gets His First Huge Black Cock.

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Boys blowing each other big cocks on the floor.

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Jaycee Barker wanted to come back…

Jaycee Barker wanted to come back, this time we paired him with the rugged Dakota Ford…
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Take it from blake

It seems like Andy gets first dibs on a lot of new Helix models lately. Maybe it’s because his laid-back southern charm puts newcomers at ease, while his irresistible sex appeal gets them hard as steel. Whether he’s kissing, sucking, rimming, topping or bottoming, Andy’s all-around skills are beyond impressive. But we must say, it’s Mr. Taylor who has lucked out this time…
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Blake bangs the boy

Blake Mitchell exudes effortless cool and brings every inch of his 9″ personality to a hookup with boyish heartthrob Davey Brooks. Davey has quiet a big personality himself and the two cool kids seem eager to be friends…
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Skater trick

Is there anything hotter than a lean, sexy skateboarder riding towards you? Only if he’s about to fuck your brains out. When Elijah rolls up to meet Cooper for a midday hookup, the two horny twinks waste no time sneaking off to bed for some hard grinding…
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Thick dick pic

We’ve all been there. You’re in the bathroom naked, trying to snap a good pic of your thick dick. Of course, you want your big guy to look his best. You’ve arranged optimal lighting. You’re standing at just the right angle. Still it’s not quite perfect. That’s when you need a helpful friend with a helpful mouth to take your dick to that next level of hardness so it really “pops” for the camera…
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Austin, Florian & Kay

The boys are very happy as they won a local football match that day…
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Akilo & Freddy

Akilo is into cocksucking while Freddy is interested in Akilos ass. Once Akilo has Freddys cock in his mouth he can’t stop sucking…
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